Saturday, 20 August 2016

Ad Network Without Approval

I know. This sounds outside of the norm, but there is an advertising agency that is offering publishers (bloggers, journalists, site owners) the ability to put ads on their sites without any approval needed. This is particularly useful for people who did not get approved by other advertising agencies like Google's AdSense, Bing's and other ad platforms.

This company is called Revenue Hits. Here is a link to their website if you would like to sign up:

You can literally have your first ad on your website in minutes (we are not exaggerating; it takes about the same amount of effort as setting up a new Gmail account).

A few things to know about Revenue Hits:

  • We use this ad network
Cyber Cash Tools uses this advertising network. The ads you see on this page around the post text are by Revenue Hits. We prefer to use the Banner Ad option for this site.
  • They are not as good as AdSense
If you could choose between AdSense and Revenue hits, you should choose AdSense all the time. They have a larger selection of adverts to show and are the best paying ad network there is. If you won't get accepted or are just starting out (like we are), I would recommend using them to make some money off your website while you build it up in the meantime. 
  • They use geo-targeted ads
Their ads are geo-targeted, meaning that it won't show American ads to British readers. This means that ads will be applicable to the location of all your readers, whether they come from Asia or Australia!
  • It is a CPA based advertising network
Being a CPA based advertising network means that they pay their publishers (the people like you and me showing their ads) for actions taken by your audience; like sign ups, purchases, submitting email addresses etc. You will not get paid according to the amount of clicks or impressions your website makes for their ads, but rather for the actions your readers have made after they have clicked on those ads.
  • Some make good money with this network, while others don't
Some people make a good amount of money, even into thousands of dollars per month, while some make only a few dollars per month. The amount of traffic (page views your site receives) does carry some weight as to how much you will make, but it looks like the conversion rates are more important. What I mean is the percentage of your readers that click on your ads and the percentage of those people who take a certain action like signing up. There are many cases of a blog, for example, that has less daily page views but earns more money than other blogs that have thousands of daily views but don't make as much cash. The keys that could help you here are ad positioning and the type of ads that you choose to use. We, for example, chose to use ads that aren't too invasive and just stay on the right hand side of every page, instead of pop ups that bring in a lot more conversions (both are free to use).
  • There are a variety of ads to choose from
Revenue Hits offers a large variety of ads to choose from, from banners and footers to sliders and pop ups, buttons and more. You can preview the ads on their website before putting them on your own site.
  • They show you real statistics
After creating your account, you can log in at any time and check your daily statistics, updated from the day before. You can see your ad impressions, clicks and what that means in real cash.

Here is the link again:

Hope this post helps you along your money making journey! Let us know in the comments below about your experience with Revenue Hits.

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