Saturday, 18 March 2017

Get Paid to Watch Ads

I would like to introduce you all to an online portal where you get paid to do a variety of things, like watching ads, playing games, taking surveys and referring friends. The amount of money you can make is unlimited; but it honestly takes time to build up. You are not going to get rich overnight with this strategy, but you will at least start earning from each ad you view. You get paid to visit websites, take paid surveys, accept free offers, do micro tasks, play a game (called ClixGrid), do online shopping, and refer people to the portal.

The name of the portal is Clixsense, a reliable and trusted website that has been in business for over 10 years. It is a trusted payer, with a wide range of payment options that you can choose from. 

The reason why I choose Clixsense is because they actually pay. Many 'paid to click' websites out there don't pay you after watching ads; even though they have promised to do so. Clixsense has the best reputation for paying people what they have worked for. 

Once again, I will say that this won't make you rich overnight. It will take time to build up your earnings. Here are a few tips to get the most money out of Clixsense:

Upgrade Your Account

This isn't necessary because you will be making money without having to put anything in, but upgrading your account will increase the amount of money you make with almost every click you make. 

Complete the Daily Bonus Checklist

This dramatically increases your earnings just by completing the daily check list.

Refer as Many People as you can

Referrals are the way to end up making big money, even when you aren't online. When you have referrals, you also get a cut out of every ad that they watch or click that they make. So you will basically be making money out of other people's hard work! You don't have to upgrade, but upgrading means that you will earn even more per click your referrals make. Common (free) ways to build up referrals are:


Just like I am doing. This is a great way to get more people to join under you.


Post on forums and convince people to join Clixsense

Message Boards

Use message boards to get people to join as your referrals.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are another great way to get the word out there.

Yahoo Answers

This is also a common method people use to get people to sign up.

YouTube Videos and Comments

Another great way to get people to join.

These are some of the free, most popular ways people use to build up referrals. Remember that for every person that signs under you, you will earn from their work on Clixsense forever!

Ways to Make Money on the Site Manually

  • Click ads regularly to earn cash every day. It is not much on its own, but it adds up over time
  • Play the free ClixGrid game. You can win up to $10 every day
  • Complete tasks. You earn for every task you do.
  • Complete offers. You can watch videos, sign up to offers and even get paid to download or install apps.
  • Complete surveys. These can be very high paying, but depend on your demographics. Make sure to be honest or you might lose your earnings from that survey.
  • Complete your daily check list. You get bonuses for hitting your targets.

Give Clixsense a try and start earning money today!

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